At Lydlynch Infant  School we are transforming our curriculum. Leaders are designing the curriculum to develop the academic, physical and emotional well-being of pupils.  The curriculum is planned to be sequential and coherent. It is progressive so it builds on pupils’ previous knowledge and skills. Skills are embedded and therefore can be transferred in a variety of contexts. The curriculum is designed in this way so knowledge is secure in pupils’ long term memory. The curriculum relates to the specific social context of the school and the cultural capital we develop ensures that we will not only inspire but also challenge our pupils in their learning. 

We feel passionately about providing a theme based curriculum where individual subjects are interwoven into our daily learning and where children’s interests can mould and shape the learning experiences we provide.


In KS1 our approach teaches the conceptual understanding needed to become an effective reader:

  • that letters are spellings of sounds: visual language is a representation of spoken language

  • that a spelling can contain one, two, three, or four letters - examples are: s a t, f i sh, n igh t and w eigh t

  • that there is more than one way of spelling most sounds: the sound 'ae', spelt as in 'name', can be represented as in 'table', in 'rain', in 'eight', in 'play', and so on

  • that many spellings can represent more than one sound: can be the sound 'e' in 'head', 'a-e' in 'break', or 'ee' in 'seat'

Within this conceptual framework, we teach the factual knowledge required to become an effective reader and speller: the approximately 176 spellings that represent the 44 or so sounds in English, starting with the most simple one-to-one correspondences.

Reading and spelling also requires expertise in the skills necessary to make use of the alphabet code and pupils need to be able to:

  • segment, or separate sounds in words

  • blend, or push sounds together to form words

  • manipulate sounds: take sounds out and put sounds into words


Lydlynch uses Letters and Sounds as the basis for delivering phonics within KS1.


If you would like to know what your child is learning please speak to your child's class teacher.

If you want to learn more about the National Curriculum please click on this link.

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