School Tour

Totton is situated on the eastern edge of the New Forest and on the River Test, close to the city of Southampton, but not part of the city of Southampton. The school serves the whole community by offering two classes in each year group.


All six classrooms are bright, spacious and well resourced with ample space for a balance of interesting, exciting and challenging learning. We have a well resourced library, sensory room and community room.  Outside, children enjoy a large playground and field, nature area and play trail.


Our Early Years Foundation Stage works as a ‘unit.’ The classrooms lead out onto an outside area covered by a large canopy. Our aim is to create a play based, emotionally and physically secure environment. Within the unit we aim to provide opportunities and experiences that ensure that the children acquire not only skills and knowledge, but also positive dispositions for learning.  Staff use their knowledge of the EYFS curriculum to provide multisensory experiences stirring curiosity and encouraging children to investigate for themselves.


In years one and two the children move onto the next stage of development and work within the curriculum at Key Stage One. Subjects are taught through a variety of themes.


Children enjoy a variety of whole class, group and individual teaching. They are supported and challenged in their learning and are given a variety of opportunities to develop key skills across the curriculum.


We work closely with the local pre-schools including the on-site Lydlynch Pre-School which ensures children are familiar with school before they begin.

For a tour of our school please click on the link below.