Week beginning 13th May 2024


The children have had a great first week with their topic Music Around the World. They have been learning how to use the instruments in the style of each country we studied.

Week beginning 6th May 2024


This week in our PSHE lesson the children have had great discussions about who can help them when they need help and how to ask for it.  

Week beginning 29.4.24


The children have had great fun making their own shelters for Miranda. They then ensured that they were strong, sturdy and waterproof!


Week beginning 22nd April 2024


This week the children had a great time working in teams to make a shelter, practising for when they make their individual shelters next week. They also carried out a scientific experiment to find out which material would be the best to have as a roof, ensuring it would be waterproof.

Week Beginning 18th March 2024


The children came into school being welcomed by banners and music to celebrate the start of our Easter topic.

They then made banners to welcome others' and also wrote the story of Palm Sunday.

Week beginning 4th March 2024


This week the children have had a great time dressing up as their favourite book character for World Book Day.  They enjoyed being detectives in the library taking part in a book hunt. Can you tell which book they represent?


Week beginning 26th February 2024


This week the children have done an amazing job focusing on contour lines when drawing. They have then had a go at copying some intricate plant drawings themselves.

Week beginning 19th February 2024


This week the children went outside into the playground and gardens to look for the early signs of spring. They wrote some lovely recounts of what they found. 

Welcome to Foxes Class 2023-2024


In the Foxes class we love to learn. Our teacher is Mrs Whitmarsh and our class teaching assistant is Mrs Wilkinson. On a Tuesday we are also lucky enough to have Mrs Millington as our teacher. 



Week beginning 5.2.24


This week the children have been creating pictograms of their favourite pet. They then used the computer to display their results. 

Week beginning 29.1.24

This week as part of our Purfect pets topic the children had the opportunity to meet a range of pets. They asked lots of super questions and found out some interesting information. 

Week Beg 22.1.24


This week we have been outside looking for animals as part of our science topic. We have then written about them, using different classification. 

Week beginning 15.1.24


In music this week the children listened to Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty Waltz. They then enjoyed using their voices and also a range of instruments to explore tempo.


Week beginning 8th January 2024


This week in History, we have been busy learning all about the Monarchy.

The children were learning about the coronation, when and why it takes place and the four key parts. They also learnt what a monarch is and who the current monarch is.





Drawings of the four key parts of the monarchy