Welcome to Ladybirds Class 2023-2024

In Ladybirds Class we have Miss Osman as class teacher and we are very lucky to have Mrs Brown as a Teaching Assistant as well as the lovely Miss Boulton. On a Tuesday, the wonderful Mrs Allwright works in Ladybirds Classroom, covering Miss Osman's PPA and ECT time. The video below shows a little insight as to how our classroom looks. We have our Maths working wall which will correspond to the work we will be doing in Maths, as well as relevant vocabulary. It also will show off some of our fantastic work we have been doing. We also have a Learning Journey board which we will put up the various pieces of work we do throughout areas of the curriculum to show our journey of learning. We are very lucky to have 5 computers within the classroom for the children to use. The Phonics wall shows our grow the code poster which we will be able to refer to during phonics sessions as well as using it independently to support our writing. We have got a lovely large carpet area which now have spots on for us to sit on. This large space with the interactive whiteboard is used for whole class inputs as well as morning and afternoon registrations. The reading area that had been created provides the children with a lovely space for them to settle down with a book. Alongside resources such as puppets to enhance their imagination through the world of reading - the children have already shown great interest in this area which is so lovely! By the reading area we have got a huge display board where we will review class stories and add them onto it. 

Week commencing 13.05.24


Ladybirds have had a fabulous week! We have enjoyed exploring music from around the world and have been practicing our 'Caribbean' performance for next week. The children have been amazing in PE as we practice for sports day. I wonder if you can guess what we were doing this week! 🐸  In addition to movement in PE, the children have been doing lots of movement in the classroom as part of mental health awareness week 🙂


Finally, we have started a new topic within Maths looking at capacity. The children have been exploring different containers of water, working out which one is empty, nearly empty, half full, nearly full and full. 


Week commencing 15/4/24


Ladybirds have got stuck right into our new topic based on the book 'Miranda the Castaway.' They found a Miranda on the deserted island and generated some questions such as, 'Who is she?' 'How did she get there?' 'Why is she all by herself?' We then discussed what we need in order to survive if we were on a deserted island! In addition to this, as part of Science we have been exploring materials and the children searched around the classroom and looked for things made out of plastic, metal, glass and wood. They took pictures of what we found using the iPads. Finally, through exploring materials the children then thought about what would be best to use as a shelter for Miranda on the island and then began to build their shelters! 

Week commencing 25.3.24

Ladybirds have had an 'egg'citing week! We have been doing some amazing writing all about the Palm Sunday story. We have also finished off our pop up Easter cards and hope that you love them as much as we do. The children thoroughly enjoyed the Easter Bonnet Parade and we were so impressed with all of the amazing bonnets! Finally, the children have loved making some Easter nests with Mrs Brown as a little treat to celebrate Easter. We wish you all a lovely time over the next two weeks, stay safe and we look forward to seeing you after Easter 🙂 🐰

Week commencing 18.3.24

This week in Ladybirds we have continued with measurements in Maths. We have retold the story of Palm Sunday through role play - the children loved waving their palm leaves shouting 'Hosanna' as Jesus rode the donkey through the village! We have also been very resilient this week as we have been making pop up cards in DT and it has been a little bit challenging! 

Ladybirds also had a special visit from one of the ducklings that have been in Year R. 

Week commencing 11.03.24

It's been a super week in Ladybirds learning all about weights and measurements. The children have been using their estimating skills to work out how heavy various items are in the classroom as well as comparing the weights of two objects. 

Week commencing 4/3/24

Ladybirds have had an exciting week! We have been learning the four strings on a Ukulele in Music. We also had lots of fun on World Book Day, reading our books to some children in Year R and voting for our favourite picture book for the Hampshire's Picture Book Award! The children have been working towards the Independence Learning Value this week and I have recognised lots of the children being resourceful within Maths as well as being self motivated when completing their observational drawings. 

Week commencing 26.2.24


We have been artists this week in Ladybirds. The children explored different pencils to create a range of lines. Then the children have been doing observational drawings of natural objects. It has been incredible to see the concentration as they have been looking at the pine cones and carefully including all of the different shades and shapes with their pencils. 

Week commencing 19.02.24


Step into Spring! 

We have had a fabulous week preparing for our new topic all about Spring! The children have planted some sunflower seeds and been on a Spring scavenger hunt. Also they have done some amazing observational drawings of Spring Flowers (daffodils, hyacinths and tulips) and we twirled, stretched, and jumped in a Spring dance. 

Week commencing 5.2.24


Ladybirds have had a brilliant week. We voted for our favourite pets from the Pet Day last week and have been using the computers to create Pictograms with our data! In addition to this, the children have finished off their art projects and we now have a classroom full of painted pet sculptures. The children looked at the key features of pets and used techniques within Art to apply this to their pet. 

Week commencing 29.1.24

What a wonderful week we have had in Ladybirds, continuing with our Perfect Pets Topic. The children were so excited for Pet day and they came up with lots of questions to ask the owners. We have also been learning about the different groups of animals and their diets! The children have completed the next step of their art project which was using papier mache to layer onto their animal structure. They are now drying, ready for us to paint them next week! 

Week beginning 22.1.24


Wow we have had an extremely busy week this week! We started off the week with a very exciting game for the children to guess which teacher owns the pet! This introduced our new topic - Perfect Pets! The children have been solving pet riddles and writing some of their own. They have also been learning all about the different groups of animals. We explored animals structures by looking at some picture of animal structures around the world like The Charging Bull in New York. This helped to give us some inspiration for our art project which we have started this week. The children have created the foundations for the animals bodies and they are so excited to papier mache them next week and then to paint them!

Week beginning 15.1.24

This week the Ladybirds have been editing their photos that they took on the iPads. They have also been using money within Maths and working out change through participating in a Role Play Shop lesson. We have also learnt about what life was like in the Victorian times and decided whether we would prefer to live when Queen Victoria was monarch or whilst King Charles is currently monarch. As you can imagine, most of their answers were to live when King Charles is on the throne! Finally, the children have done some amazing story writing this week on The Three Little Pigs! 

Week beginning 8/1/24 


The children absolutely loved the Cinderella Pantomime on Monday! This was a brilliant experience and has led to some fantastic writing in the Ladybirds classroom. The children have been using the conjunction 'and' to join  sentences together and some of the children have even used the conjunction 'because'. 

Week beginning 03/01/24

The children were presented with a curious case full of objects that they explored to find out what our new topic was about! The children were very excited to find a Royal Invitation, a pumpkin, a magic wand and a kings robe which led them to the story of Cinderella which is our new Once upon a time topic. During our music session this week we explored the term 'tempo.' The children then listen to the story of The Hare and the Tortoise and whilst working in small groups they were given an animal from the story to use the instruments to represent the animal during the race. A short video below shows a group representing the Hare! 


Still image for this video