Welcome to Rabbits Class!


We are very excited in Rabbits class this year to have a fantastic outside learning area which is really enhancing our learning experience. There are endless opportunities for us to practise letter and number formation as well as a mud kitchen where we are always thinking of different recipes to cook up, a garden centre where we are currently taking great care of our tomato plants and a sparkling stage area where we put on shows with our friends!


Everyone has settled in really well and is looking forward to a year full of new adventures to stimulate rich learning experiences in Year R.


In Autumn term, we have been exploring how bread is made, sticks and what they can be, and our Christmas topic 'who has arrived'?. We have done brilliant learning this term in Rabbits, and we have added some pictures below of some of the highlights of the term! 

In Spring term, we have been exploring music and sounds, and animals and thinking about 'why Spiders make webs'.




Summer Learning in Rabbits!

Week beginning 16/5/22


As the Queen's Jubilee is happening soon, we have made a mini street party on our role play, for us to pretend to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee! We talked about the Queen, and how she has been our Queen for 70 years. We talked about how she lives in Buckingham Palace, in London, and has cute dogs called corgis! 

In our writing, we decided to write to the Queen, inviting her to come to our own street party to celebrate her Jubilee. The children wrote how there would be games, music, cake and lots of fun activities for everyone to take part in. We are hoping to post these next week to the Queen, and hopefully we might get a reply!



As the warmer weather is coming, we decided we needed to do some gardening in our outside area, as it looked a bit bare! We decided to plant sunflowers, and we are going to measure them every week to see how tall they have grown. We watched a video which explained what we need to plant the sunflower, and how we can care for it. The children took turns in planting a sunflower in their fruit group, and then decorating a lollipop stick to remember who's plant was who's. The children have been visiting them outside every day, and watering them to care for them. We can't wait to see them grow!







Autumn Learning in Rabbits

Curriculum Information Evening September